SCBRI has trained experts in applying specialty coatings for waterproofing and appearance. This beautifies your structure but, more than that, it extends its life and reduces costs. Coatings can prevent water intrusion and protect your structure from spalling. They protect surfaces from wear. That saves you the cost of spall and other types of repairs.

Keeping up with regular maintenance like coatings can actually save you $3 for every $1 you spend. (See The Real Cost of Deferred Repair for Building Envelopes)

Our staff is trained and experience in CIM, SIKA, epoxy and other coatings that fit your particular application. This includes chemically resistent, water resistent and other application.

Give us a call at 871-0772 and we will recommend the best solution for your structure. We can show you your options and give you a free estimate.

Coatings that are safe and effective for potable water tanks.


Coatings that can stand up to chemical tanks.


Coatings that are chemical and water resistant for floors for industry and commercial.


Coatings for sewage treatment plants.


Coatings for water fountains and pools.


We're Licensed

Hawai'i License C 14681 (C-55 Waterproofing, C-31 Masonry, C-32 Fencing)