About Structural Concrete Bonding & Restoration

Maui's Structural Restoration Specialist
Providing Structural Repair and Waterproofing Solutions since 1987

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Our Company is Experienced

Structural Concrete Bonding & Restoration, Inc. (SCB&R), founded in 1987, contracts on structural repair, strengthening, waterproofing, protection, railing, curbs and decking projects in the resort, commercial, industrial, residential areas.

Our decades of experience has earned us a reputation for providing clients with the highest quality services available. We have expertise in the highly specialized techniques used on structural surface repair, strengthening, stabilization, waterproofing and protection.

We repair damaged or deteriorated structures and are experienced in solving the complex challenges which make each project unique. We have the equipment, trained manpower and knowledge to employ a wide variety of repair methods. With our extensive experience in Maui's unique climate, we will create a solution for your situation which assures you of effective, long-lasting repairs. Maui is a small island and our reputation has remained that of reliability, excellence and trust.

SCB&R is Maui ’s leading contractor dedicated to structural concrete, repair, waterproofing, water chasing, deck pavers, coatings, liners, curbs and railings with the staff and equipment needed to take on the most complex and largest of projects. Since repair work is often done while buildings are occupied, our methods are tailored to insure ongoing facility operation. Our project management and field personnel carefully plan each project, addressing details of scheduling, hours of operation, safety considerations, traffic control, noise, and dust control. Our stringent technical guidelines and quality standards for field procedures along with our specialty equipment and repair experience, insure quality and satisfaction with every Structural Concrete Bonding & Restoration, Inc. project.

Our People Have the Skills and Equipment

SCB&R has performed concrete, steel and wood structure repairs and protection for a wide variety of clients including owners, GCs, government, property managers, and industrial applications. Many of our jobs, whether for an owner or a subcontractor are "problem solving" design build projects. We have wet and dry Shotcrete capabilities. We install and repair all types of safety and guard rail fencing, pool decks, and masonry sealing and maintenance.

We Can Do for You

  • Carbon & Glass Composites
  • Epoxy Pressure Injection
  • Tilt-up Panel Repair
  • Sealants and Caulking
  • Industrial Floor Repair
  • Concrete Sealers
  • Concrete Waterproofing
  • Anchor Bolt Grouting
  • Troweled Epoxy Built Up Floors
  • Parking Structure Repair
  • Pavement Renovations
  • Potable Water Lining (NSF-61)
  • Continuous Curbs
  • Deck pavers
  • Lanai & Walkway Restoration & Protection
  • Urethane Injection Leak Repair
  • Shaft & Tunnel Waterproofing/Repair
  • USDA-FDA Approved Flooring & Wall Protection
  • Underwater Pier/Pile Repair
  • Surface Prep by Shotblasting or Hydroblasting
  • Aluminum & Glass Railings
  • Process Tank Linings & Leak Repair
  • Machine Base plate Grouting
  • Self-leveling Underlayments & Overlayment
  • Subsoil Stabilization and Modification
  • Concrete Pumping & Slabjacking

We're Licensed

Hawai'i License C 14681 (C-55 Waterproofing, C-31 Masonry, C-32 Fencing)

Member of:

  • Associated Builders & Contractors
  • Maui Contractors Association
  • Maui Hotel Association
  • Condominium Council of Maui
  • American Shotcrete Association
  • Structural Engineers Association of Hawaii
  • International Concrete Repair Institute
  • Tile Contractors Association of Hawaii