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Concrete Spall and Crack Repairs
Structurally Sound and Beautiful

Cost Effective Concrete Repairs

Concrete spalling involves bigger chunks of concrete breaking loose. Maui's high temperatures and salt air make spalling repairs a frequent maintenance requirement.

SCBRI can repair and fill the voids which prevents further deterioration, enhances appearance and increases safety..

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Extend Your Building's Life

We can assess and repair structural damage to concrete and recommend coverings and coatings which will protect your structure from further damage.

Repair of cracks, spalling and the underlying structural support is important in buildings, walkways, driveways and runways.


Maui Sands
Maui Sands
Maui Community Clinic
Maui Community Clinic
Kahana Beach Resort
Kahana Beach
Maui Parkshore
Maui Parkshore
Mahana Crack Repair
Mahana Resort
Kauhale Makai
Kauhale Makai
Whalers Parking Structure





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